The Birth of Socks Galore

Well as many of you may have guessed, there is a backstory to our team name – “Socks Galore”. Elly and I had made a weekend trip to New Hampshire last summer to visit her sister and some old camp counselor friends. One day on our way to hike Mt. Washington, we realized the only other thing we needed to pick up was a pair of socks for Elly. Right as we were talking about this, we saw a store on the side of the road called “Socks Galore.” We screamed it out and started cracking up immediately. I mean honestly, who owns a shop that sells only socks? That actually would be a cool person to interview now that I think about it. So anyways, in our travels since then, everything seems to fall into place for us and when it does, we always think of “Socks Galore”. Let’s hope that luck keeps running with us this summer!


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  1. 1

    Mom & Paul said,

    Kenny & Kelly,

    Looking forward to following your travels. Can’t wait to see some pictures and listen to your interviews. Be safe.

    Lots of Love!

  2. 2

    Lauren said,

    My Loves,
    It sounds like you are both having a brilliant time and seeing (and laughing) a ton. I hope this trip offers everything you both desire and know that someone in California is waiting for you to arrive! WEEE
    Love you guys!

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