The Outerbanks, NC

Somehow we found ourselves trapped on the Islands where the Wright brothers birthed the airplane, Blackbeard hid from pesky maritime law grievers, and where both Civil War and WW II battles were fought (German U-boats took down a boat a day here in the Spring of 1941). We came to soak up some history, putting a name and place to all of the things our ninth grade social studies teachers told us about. But with winds blowing 60 miles an hour (no wonder the Wright brothers could fly here) our short day trip turned into a couple of day adventure, as the ferries off Ocracoke Island stopped running. We took this landlocked opportunity and saw all the sights this little island has to offer. 

We have continued to take advantage of the suggested payment posted at National Park campsites but because of the strong wind we doubted that our tent would outlast the storm. Instead we opted to spend the past two nights in the car, folding back our seats as far as they go and stationing ourselves at a local coffee shop which has wifi (yes you can borrow internet from places even when they are closed). We will let everyone know when we find our way back to the mainland until then we will continue to amuse ourselves on this small cut off chuck of land.


P.S. the cups say Ocracoke Island, and we were allowed to keep them as souvenirs. Hooray! 


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