Oh, Savannah.

At last, we found the city that even the ruthless General Sherman spared when toasting the rest of the South. Legend goes that because of its beauty Savannah was handed to Lincoln as a Christmas present by Sherman (the jolly general must have been filled with the Christmas spirit) but  in reality shortly after Fort McAllister was taken (the backdoor to Savannah), Savannah-ians raised the white flag.

And thank god they did, because this city remains the Mecca of the South. With gorgeous parks every other street and tons and tons of historical sites we found plenty to do. Naturally, after a day in the parks we went to a local hot-spot, The Dueling Pianos. Here you have the chance to pay a piano player to play your song of choice while you drink and dance to your hearts content. We obviously paid our $3 to here Hail to the Victors! only to have our song interrupted when a wealthier Buck-Eye paid for OSUs battle cry to be played by the opposing piano. Ah, all’s fair in Love and Sports?  

The next day we waited in line for an hour and a half in order to enter Mrs. Wilkes–a restaurant where everyone sits around at large table and eats the best damn southern food in a family style setting. Just like our real family, some of the women at our table were a little concerned for us. One  woman from Atlanta decided that it would be a good idea to wrap up some of the leftover fried chicken at the table and place it in my purse. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I don’t eat meat and after eating so much we thought Kenny was pregnant, Kenny didn’t have the space to eat the chicken before our entire cooler went bad (we are slowly learning how quickly southern summers melt ice). 

That night we again went on a ghost tour, only this tour incorporated more pubs than cemeteries. We had a great time getting to know other people in our tour (who spotted Kenny’s Lennon shirt and began talking with us) while sipping our beers from red cups. Another great thing about Savannah is that you are allowed to drink on the streets as long as your beverage is in a cup. How progressive! Feeling more silly than scared, we walked around as our tour guide repeatedly told us about different bones that were once found in these tourist trap bars.

The next day we went to Fort Pulaski to watch a cannon fire. Wahoo those things are sure loud! The whole time we were told about the “War of Northern Aggression” and how the “rebels” relentlessly tried to defend the fort. While we had fun racing around the fort (reinacting a duel in the water storage room) it was the gator in the outside moat that kept us the most captive. We have never been good at following rules, so when we tredged past the “do not enter sign” we had no idea that the only (heroic) way back to safety would be to walk past a gator who was 5 feet below us in the water. Good lord there is no way we are going to put ourselves in that position again.

That night we at last went to Club One where Kenny saw his first drag show. Unfortunately it looked more like a bad dance competition than anything else. Lady Chablis lives in Atlanta now so we watched other performers shake it while we chatted with the fun couple next to us. Well we all had such a great time afterwards playing darts and eating pizza that Adam and Doug took mercy on us and instead of sleeping in the back of Kenny’s car, they offered us a room in the yacht Adam is first mate on. Holy moly, besides the beautiful kindness that they showed, we also got to see what its like to be on a 100 foot yacht. We know that this relationship  is a friendship we will always cherish. And hey, maybe someday we can offer the favor back and invite them to stay on our yacht.

From here, we woke up early and drove the 6 hours to Zephyrhills, Florida on course to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Linda before Grandma’s surgery.  


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