Roller Derby!

 Who could forget the women’s roller derby game we went to just outside of Savannah. Wowza these women were intimidating. Apparently roller derby is making quite the come back in American culture so if anyone is interested in becoming a “jammer” and hoping on this bandwagon you better pick up a pair of roller skates (not blades) and a cool name (for example Tsu Legit, or MeatCarver). The fishnets are just decoration, but the knee pads and helmets are necessary. These girls were knocking each other down left and right. 

We are quite sure that this sport has a ton of potential in Northern Michigan. Any thoughts?


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  1. 1

    Julia said,

    I’d say there are some toughies in northern michigan who could handle it. Lots of “ladies” up there that i wouldn’t mess with.

  2. 2

    Dave said,

    LOL!!! Careful Elly, you might be turning into your father.

    Love ya both

  3. 3

    elly said,

    haha dad i know! Actually when Kenny and I were at the Dueling Pianos we almost requested that song, but some ladies beat us to it.

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