Biloxi, Miss’ippi

Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying our recent onslaught of posts after our long absence. We spent Memorial Day weekend in a campground just outside of Biloxi, Mississippi. This has been – by far – the most intimate camping experience so far as the campground was packed and the sites were right on top of each other. We met some cool people who offered us lights, tips, directions, and even some leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken. Needless to say, Elly wasn’t able to indulge herself so Kenny got the whole bucket (and a slight stomachache too – funny that!)  We also didn’t do the best job of selecting our spot as the neighbors across from us sat outside their RV all day spying on us… it was kind of weird to say the least. We couldn’t tell if they despised us or were just jealous. We also got attacked by a whole bunch of biting ants, but I guess that’s what we get for camping in a Bayou. After a full day of driving on Friday, we decided to spend a nice relaxing day on the beach on Saturday. Our attempts to play Frisbee in the Gulf were pretty pathetic, as we lost the Frisbee on only our third throw (thanks to an terrible throw by Kenny). Other than that, it was a great day that we capped off with some darts at a local bar that we would return to later.  On Sunday, we made our way to a small town outside Gulfport, MS to check out there church-led Catfish festival. It was quite a sight to see, as everyone in the town seemed to know and cheer each other on in the annual Softball tournaments. We enjoyed hanging out in the shade, enjoying the fried catfish and gumbo, and just chatting it up with the locals.  On Memorial Day, we made our way to the Wolf River and canoed down a 4-mile stretch while constantly being passed by speedboats and fishing boats. As we rode out their wakes, Kenny definitely missed his wakeboarding days at good ol’ Camp Cody. It was a relaxing day in the sun and surprisingly, we weren’t ready to kill each other afterward. That night we headed back to the same local bar to try to catch the Red Wings game. Kenny got laughed at when asking the bartender if they got Versus. He must’ve forgot that hockey isn’t one of the biggest sports in Mississippi. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, for instead of watching the game we struck up a great conversation with a local resident named Carl. He had an amazing life story, a refreshing outlook on life, and a lot in common with both of us (especially Elly). We could tell right off the bat that Carl was a history nut as he told us of the great importance of both battles of New Orleans and then just went off from there. We talked about many things, but one thing we especially admired about Carl was that he worked in the Armed Forces his entire life and was still strongly against war – including the one we are in right now. Also, he is not afraid to share this viewpoint with others as he has had several of his works published that openly criticize the Bush administration, especially with the situation in Iraq. Carl was an inspiration to both of us and we were sorry not to interview him on camera as he was swamped the next day at work. But all in all, Biloxi was a great town to see even as we were constantly reminded of the long road of recovery they have had to make since the devastating impacts of Katrina. On Tuesday, we hit the road again and were off to see Jackson, where we knew a lot of eye-opening history awaited us.


The heavy rain on the road made driving a bit more difficult, but provided us with a beautiful skyline in the distance.



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