Capitalize It

Jackson has been our first stop in a state capital since we began this journey 4 weeks (and 4,000 miles) ago. We took the opportunity to check out Jackson’s Capital building (which has a gigantic eagle on the top, facing directly away from Washington D.C.). Here  we watched the house of representatives work (wellllllll…. )  for about 20 minutes. Funny we saw Reps sleeping in the back with their feet on top of their desks and Reps in the front texting on cell phones. It seamed like we are doing more work than the Mississippi house. While walking around the Capital building, Elly was asked if she was ready for an interview with Senator Brown. Apparently she looks a lot like a Miss Willis who was late for an interview, but instead Kenny and Elly just waved Hi and asked the Senator how he was doing. Feeling ignorant to just who the man was the spontaneous interview seamed out of place and a good ol’ “how are you” seamed more appropriate. 


Kenny is intrigued in this picture. He is busy reading the statue commemorating confederate women. 



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