Mississippi and The Storm

The destruction that Katrina (and Rita) caused through Mississippi almost 3 years ago is not as talked about as the damage that was done in New Orleans, but undoubtedly her bite was just as bad in many small towns along the gulf coast. We heard peoples stories in bars in Biloxi and saw jumbles of construction crews working along the coast, but when we worked our way up Mississippi into Jackson and even their Old City Hall was still under construction (after loosing its roof to Katrina) we knew that there was more to the story than the political mess that was covered in the media. In Biloxi, Carl told us about how he had covered his landladies father as the storm rushed over them, flabbergasted we had no idea that his story would be only the first of the many heroic stories we heard of that frightful day. One of our first stops in Jackson (after noticing the Old City Hall was done-zo until October) was the Mississippi Arts Center, where the exhibit Backyards and Beyond by H. C. Porter, illustrated pictures of survivors (standing and boldly staring forward) as the persons in the picture told their own personal experiences in Katrina through an audio guide. The stories were centered around the experiences of those in Mississippi and their continued efforts to live life as they did before. The whole thing took a ton of energy out of us, but were thankful we got to here the stories of survivors that are so often silenced in the media.



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