Southern Cooking

Boy oh Boy every meal down here feels like Thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes, corn, yams, and fried things (like steak, chicken and catfish). Elly had gumbo for the first time and Kenny has been jumping at the chance to try every restaurant in the South’s macaroni-n-cheese. We are filling ourselves up cause we know we wont be able to find $4 plates of home cookin’ in California (ironically it costs the same for a gallon of gas). From Mama Wilkes family style, to hole in the wall spots in northern Mississippi, you can’t get anything better than the cooking down here. 


Pic is pregnant Kenny upset after force feeding himself massive amounts of macaroni. 


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  1. 1

    Renee said,

    Good to see you two are eating well. Reading this has inspired me to get out Granny’s old iron skillets and fry up something. By the way what is in Gumbo?

  2. 2

    Emily said,

    Mac and cheese is the shiiiiiiit.
    Elly – It was a pleaseure to meet you last night in austin. Keep doin what you are and eating life.

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