The Birthplace of Elvis!

While in Tupelo, Aunt Vern took Kenny and I over to the birthplace of Elvis Aaron Presley (and his stillborn brother Jesse Garon).  The place was perfect for this sharecropper family, however they were kicked off the land a year after Elvis’s birth. Elvis came back to town years later and saw that the little home was up for sale so he bought it and donated it to the city. Naturally, we’re  huge Elvis fans, so Tupelo was a great chance for Kenny to show my Aunt just where he got his dance moves. 






Pic is of Elly screaming at a cardboard cutout of Elvis.


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  1. 1

    Renee said,

    Looking at that Elvis makes me think I might of spotted him in Fayette!

  2. 2

    z said,

    hey guys

    This is Zack from Ms Maes in Nola.

    I had to leave a comment on this post because, as it were, i have a very special connection to Mr. Presley.

    I was conceived in the parking of of Graceland. Seriously.

    How bout them apples.

    anyway, if you get this while still in our steamy city, def come see me again at work or call me at (localareacode) dig0047.

    twas great to meet you…


    the bar has two sites about the interwebs, if you care to surf ’em…


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