So at last we were able to put our University degrees to good use. But our jobs in The Big Easy were exactly that, easy. We did the whole extra thing for two days (and made overtime, how bout that) and met Zach who manages the extras. We will most definitely be getting in contact with him again when we get to L.A. and hopefully continuing to do some extra work. It was fun to be on set and to see how the magic is made. Things we learned on set….

1. The smaller the role, the bigger the diva attitude.

2. Bow Wow is really small, and is not Master P’s son.

3. You don’t work for the first 6 hours on set, so its ok to be late.

4. Groupies exist.

5. Cheering for Michigan’s basketball team the past 4 years helped make it much easier for us when the director asked everyone to pretend to cheer for the camera even though no one was actually playing on the court.

If anyone sees the Patriots movie, look for the two kids in the crowd waving signs and jumping up and down. If you don’t happen to see the movie, I am sure you wont be missing much.

Pic is of us with our first contracts.


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    Dave said,

    Ha! One word comes to mind…….”Superstar(s)”.

    Love ya both,

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