Hobo Jim

Our brief collisions with people over the past 5 weeks have taught us so much about ourselves and the world, but Hobo Jim taught me about the beauty in just living. I ran into Jim while walking down the riverfront, he had a basket of crawfish and offered me some. I had never had the things before, and after having such a hard time sucking the juices out of them, I can’t imagine I will be eating the little guys again. But he offered me some, so we dined. We sat by the river talking about the places hes been and the honesty of the human soul. Jim taught me how far kindness really goes as he told story after story of the great things people have done for him ( and he for others). Like the couple that found him injured in a church and kept him for a week, before buying him a bus ticket home. He told me about the difference between a Hobo and a Homesteader (a street person) and how a Hobo will always do something to help people out. There are Hobo camps set up in most cities where only Hobo’s are allowed to stay (though he promised he could sneak us in). There is always a camp overseer who cooks the meals each night, and the only rule that a Hobo lives by at the camp is that they must leave some sort of food for the next Hobo when they leave. As Jim and I talked he would stop to say hello to everyone that walked past, and sure enough small crowds would congregate around us for awhile and then be on their merry way. I randomly (ok not so randomly) ran into Hobo Jim the next three nights by the riverfront. On the last night Jim and I talked about making decisions in life, and how whether right or wrong, the act of making decisions keeps us moving.


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    Chele said,


    Hobo Jim may have been Santa Claus’s inspiration.

    Or maybe–they’re the same person????

    Just a thought.

    Hey, come back to Florida! (I’m here, by the way.)

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