New traveler with Socks Galore (at least for 3 days)

Hi! I’m Kelly’s sister, Cassie, and this week I’ll be blogging instead of Elly and Kenny. I traveled to Austin between semesters on the 17th to partake in the wonderful journey of team Socks Galore for a few days. They are currently at Big Bend National Park in Southern Texas, and I am sure will be back to blogging before you know it. So after journeying from Michigan I arrived in Austin at 11 PM and quickly passed out in the car, due to the Dramamine. When I awoke, we were at Gardner State National Park, the busiest national park in Texas. Since it was around 3 AM, we set up camp in a secluded part of the park and quickly went to sleep.

In the morning, we went tubing down the Rio Frio, where Kelly and Kenny used their extra tube technique from Austin tubing travels. Around the first bend of the Rio Frio we met new friends from Austin that also were informed of this extra tube trick and our day was spent relaxing and chatting with them. That evening, I tried my first chicken fried steak, and was mildly impressed, while Elly struggled to find veggies to eat in the South. But the mashed potatoes were great as was the company. That evening we went to Gardner State Park’s evening dance, which has been a nightly tradition since the depression when spirits were lifted at the dance. Boy oh boy, we were in way over our head at the dance. We were told that everyone from Gardner went, which ended up being about 300 people. The children and teenagers were the majority of the dancers, but the strangest thing was that they all knew a dance to every song. We had no idea if it was the two step or line dancing or a combination of the two, but we had no idea how to do it. So, naturally, we decided to do our own interpretations. Kenny should have been the most envied guy in the pavilion, dancing with two girls and all, but instead we got awkward looks and stares from the natives of the dance. We ended the night with a coyote (or maybe a wild pig… who knows?) scuffling outside our tent and Kenny doing an ant dance when they infested the tent in the middle of the night.

The next morning, Elly and Kenny got me to go hiking which was a feat in itself. I was comforted by the ice cream and movie we went to afterwards. On Friday, we packed up and went to Bandera, which is apparently the Cowboy Capital of the World. The main street looked like an old western movie and we off course had barbeque for lunch. After some failed attempts to go horseback riding (all the cowboys were getting ready for the rodeo), we visited a ranch and took a look around. Then, off to the rodeo! It was a small town one with about 150 people present. Since we didn’t have a truck to tailgate, the Rav4 would have to do. After some barrel racing, calf riding, and of course bull riding, we went off to sample the cowboy nightlife. The first bar we went to had grown-ups two stepping also so after our other run-in with Texas dancing, we quickly left and found a younger crowd. After an hour or so there, where I quickly discovered politics are probably not the best thing to talk about in the South, Kenny downed a Red Bull and off to Austin we went where I completed my great escapade with Socks Galore.


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    Scot & Sherri said,

    “Mildly impressed”??? Now Cassie, that was a good chicken fried steak. If you guys ever get down to Austin again, give us a shout and we’ll do fajitas.

    Oh, and Kenny, thanks for reminding us how to properly drink a beverage from a can. We’d somehow forgotten over the years.

    Stay safe and enjoy the journey.

    Scot and Sherri

  2. 2

    Aunt Di said,

    (K)Ellly, Kenny, and Cassie,
    Sounds like fun! Ya’ll are gonna come back with a southern drawl, cowboy hats, and a few new dance steps. There’s a country bar “up the road a piece” here in Shelby – you’ll be ready. Have some fun! Can’t to wait to hear where you end up next.
    Aunt Di

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