Spelunking is one of our new favorite activities (it might just be that we like saying the word, which basically means exploring caves). We have been waiting to visit Carlsbad since Jim told us about its beauty at Mammoth Caves. He wasn’t lying.

The caverns were originally used by indigenous peoples and then guano miners. Guano is this rare treasure that many have forgotten about but can be worth a pretty penny. When we went spelunking we were actually stepping and slipping on 3,000 year old guano the whole time. However we resisted the temptation to pick it up. See its bat poop. And actually the guano in these caves have become worthless because all of the good fertalizing nutriants disappear when your excrement is thousands of years old.

After having some fun in the caves we went to see our first drive in movie. And it just so happened to be Indiana Jones. We loved it, and  being so close to Roswell we decided to head on over  to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

pic. They told us to bring two sources of light a person into the caves. We came prepared with flashlights and lighters.


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