Just around the Big Bend

We sure are glad Cassie had the chance (and grit) to come down here and live with us for awhile. If anyone else is interested in taking a summer vacation we’d love to have a third passenger.

After we dropped the little one off, we decided to end our journey of the lonestar state in Big Bend national park. Here we put our tent in the middle of the Chisos Basin which surrounded us with ginormous limestone mountains. We had never experienced anything like it.

Our first mission was to tackle the mountains, but the ceaseless warning signs for rattlesnakes, mountain lions and black bears gave Elly the eeby-jeebies. Not Kenny though, he was on the prowl, hoping he could prove to all that he could single handedly tackle a mountain lion. In reality the only ferocious animals we saw were javalinas (big pigs) and deer. We went hiking everyday we were at Big Bend and spent our evenings checking out the stars. We even tried to go to McDonald Observatory, but the clouds killed our chances of finding new galaxies from a 433 in telescope.

We ended our trip of Big Bend, and said “See-Ya” to Texas. Our next stop was the legendary Carlsbad Canyons.


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