Roswell. doo-doo-doo-doo (insert twilight zone music phonetic)

We made it to this great landing site, and all we had time to do was travel through the museum.

Here we learned about the sketchy government cover-up (or delirious New Mexican fantasy if your a non-believer). The museum told the story of the crash by showing letters written by people who originally saw the crash, and showing pictures during the time (like the one here of government men checking out this incredible tin foil that can’t be damaged).

The museum was just as paranormal as the story. There seams to have been many missed steps and suspicious behavior by our friends the Feds. So many that many continue to be believers today despite the governments refusal to release information about Roswell. And who can blame them when even Jimmy Carter (who saw a UFO himself back when he was Governor) said he “doesn’t laugh anymore when [he] hears people say they have seen UFOs.” Many other politicians, and astronauts seam to agree, as does a third of America that incidents like Roswell are possible.

We left the museum the same way we came out, scared of the government. Running on conspiracies and red bull we made the 9 hour journey to Phoenix (actually it was Kenny who made the journey, Elly fell asleep) to catch up with our good friends Andy and Sarah.


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