The Tempe Heat

Holy Crap! Texas is absolutely balmy compared to Arizona. Everyday we’ve been hear has hit at least 110 degrees… oh well, at least it’s a dry heat (as everyone around here reminds us). After exploring the extra-terrestrials of Roswell, we decided to make the long haul to Tempe on Friday so that we could spend the whole weekend with Andy and his girlfriend Sarah. This trip took us through the night and although Elly was nervous, she found time to catch up on sleep as the over-caffeinated Kenny jammed out while cruising through the mountains. Because we got in so late on Friday, the four of us decided to hang out by the pool all day on Saturday. A cooler of beer later, we were all resting up once again (but not before chowing down on some of Elly’s homemade black bean and corn dip). Saturday night brought about our second trip to Sonic of this trip, much to the delight of Kenny who has been teased by their commercials for years now. On Sunday, Kenny, Elly, and Andy decided to take a hike through a local mountain which would have been a much better idea had we not left at 2 in the afternoon. Not exactly the best way to beat the heat. Although we almost got lost on the trail a couple times, we had a great time together and had some sore legs and loopy minds to show for it. On Sunday night, the 4 of us hit up the local bowling alley which proved to be fun, although we all struggled to hit 100 in each of our games. Needless to say, we might request some bumpers on our next outing for old time’s sake. While Andy and Sarah worked away on Monday, Kenny and Elly were able to catch up on some chores before meeting back up in the evening for the Diamondbacks vs. Brewers baseball game. Although the brew-crew struggled a bit, we all had a great last evening together before hitting the road on Tuesday. We were pumped to meet up with our friends once again and are very grateful at the hospitality that continues to be shown to us. Hopefully, we will see Ando and Sarah at the end of the summer, but for now it’s on to the Grand Canyon!

Pic: Chase Field – home of the Diamondbacks


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