Santa Rosa!!!

The city was named after them!!

The city was named after them!!

Although we promised to have more frequent updates, Elly’s computer (“Ward” as he is called) started to have some technical difficulties earlier this week. Because of this, the one chain we have hit up more than any other on this trip is the Apple Store (besides maybe Subway for their $5 footlongs). Anywho, in our usual fashion we rolled up to Woody’s house last week at about 2:30 in the morning (after taking the long route and getting a flat tire… ahh!). We hung out with Woody and his parents – Stephen and Linda – for the next couple days in Santa Rosa and man did they ever show us what NorCal was all about. Our first day was relaxing as we went Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing on Marco’s boat (one of Woodrow’s good friends), and then spent the night resting our old bones in the hot tub. Man was that glorious after several nights of sleeping in the car. Stephen and Linda were amazing to us as well, as they took us out to eat several times and taught us the great art of wine-tasting (complete with two great bottles for us to take on the road). Stephen was also kind enough to take time out of his work day to sit down with us for an interview. His thoughts were very insightful, as he talked to us about taking risks without completely jeopardizing our futures. It was also inspiring to hear him relate to us that these risks can and should be taken at any age, not just when we are young. Although it was hard to say goodbye to Stephen and Linda (and the comfortable beds and food they provided us with), we still had a couple more days to chill with Woody down in Capitola and Santa Cruz.


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