san franciscohasbeenovertaken

So we are sure we’re not the only ones in Generation Me to have thought about traveling to San Francisco in hopes of seeing just a smidge of what life was like in the golden years, when hippies were prancing down the streets carrying protest signs and shouting lyrics of love. But when we marched down to what I thought was the mecca of the past, Haight-Ashbury we found a McDonalds. No no, I mean there were your standard overly priced vintage stores and progressive bookstores but besides that the street was overtaken by tourists who had way to much money. And yes, there was a McDonalds.

So we realized that the street has reflected a generation, and has changed in the same way many of those dreamers have.


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    Julia Aue said,

    I can’t believe that you were in SF and didn’t stop to see me. We only live 1 hr from there and we were in from July 22 – 24!

    Hope you guys are having fun. If you come back through Cali make sure you stop and see me, Alex and the baby!

  2. 2

    ellyroxanne said,

    No way! I thought you were living in Utah and have been so excited to see you this whole time! Julia give me a call 231-420-1607, I want to hear your voice (even if its in Cali and not Utah). Much love to the whole fam, I can’t believe your a mommy!

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