Not-So Sleepless in Seattle

Well, we finally made it up to the top of the West Coast into the great state of Washington! After finding a pretty sketchy motel room to stay in along the way (don’t worry, Elly set up some extra security devices), we spent Friday doing a short hike up Mt. Rainier. We were amazed to see the entire mountain disappear in front of our eyes within 10 minutes as the fog started to descend onto it. If we had come a half hour later, we might not have even known where the 13,210 foot monster was. It was also kind of weird to have a snowball fight only a few weeks after coping with the heat of the desert. Crazy i know! After spending the day in the national park, we made our way to Seattle to meet up with some old friends from camp – Manny, Ewan, Tasha, and Tharp. It was great to catch up with our old pals from Cody and their hospitality was amazing (especially considering we had only let them know of our trip a couple days before). Although we didn’t “ride the duck”, our friends gave us a really good idea of what Seattle and the University of Washington were all about. The two of us also got a chance to explore the city on our own while getting lost and driving all around it for about 2 hours (not like that’s anything new). After a couple nights out with the gang – including several bars, “Step Brothers” the movie, and a Matisyahu concert (not to mention the infamous Beth’s Cafe) – we are saying so long to Seattle. We’ll be slowly making our way across the States over the next week or so, and will try to soak up as much of the countryside as possible. We’re very excited to get back home and share all of our experiences with our friends and family. We’ll keep you up-to-date on how this journey goes and keep your eyes out for some new pictures and videos soon!


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