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Country Roads take us home.

We made it back, and couldn’t be more excited to see the Great Lakes, Great Times state.


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Boobie Trap

Our method to keep the boogie men away.  Tie a phone cord around the door between the shared bathroom and the door to the room. Fancy?

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Active Volcano

Here we stand, freezing our fannies off in Washington. Behind us is the deceiving Mount Rainer, you can’t tell from this picture but we swear that haze of smoke behind us is a thick cloud covering up Mount Rainer and not Woodstock 08.

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We relived the riots of Seattle, mounted the horses of Montana and are now making our way back to Michigan. Ahead we see flat plains and yellow lines pointing towards home. We are following these lines and hoping they continue to point us to the next path in our lives. Elly will be moving to London to study something with Human Rights and Kenny will be working (anyone hiring?). We will continue to update the blog for the next couple weeks to put up additional thoughts, pictures and stories that time did not allow us to post while we were on the road. Thank you all for being with us every step of the way, your support made this adventure possible. Much love and stay tuned for the blooper posts.

Pic is of the watering hole in Michigan, North Dakota.

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